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“BOSSON” Limited Liability Company

           “Bosson” LLC is a company what fulfils some activities in the sections of construction, design, building and real estate. “Bosson” has began its action first time in the year of 1995 sailing of construction materials on retail of selling. “Bosson” pays attention the principles of guarantee, quality and reliability in all its manufactured products. The company manufacturing own products modern equipments on the basis of Spanish technology. The company is an author of firsts in Azerbaijan: Signed up an innovation draining(smear) decorative mosaic to the floor with 3 D pool construction  elastic isolated layer. The company demonstrates an example of successful business in the country with it. “Bosson” is one of the first mosaic-design companies of the country since its founding. 

  “Bosson” has gained high achievements  sailing on construction materials with suitable prices in local markets during in the years of own acting. The company of  “Bosson” has played indispensable role in the requirement of local markets to mosaic. In 2005 company started to import external mosaics in Azerbaijan. Expanding self activity area gaining buyer trust the company started producing of mask mosaic stones gradually. All our winning successes in the production and constructing sector are an indicator having to the highly skilled, educated and professional- experienced working staff in the production and constructing sector.

“Bosson” manufacturing its products according to the standarts of  “ISO 9001:2008”, “AZS”, “TSE”. Starting to production slip-resistant mosaic model has brought  innovations to diversification of mosaic stones type area.  

      Our company acting on the section of followings:

· Sales of mosaics

· Production of mosaics

· Repair, technical services and construction of pools

· Repair and construction of  apartments (flat)

· Repair and construction of  aguaparks

· Repair and construction of  Turkish baths

· Repair and construction of steam rooms

· Sales of basin accesories

· Mobile master services etc.


          The company involves its staff to regularly trainings and teachings for improving their individual skills and abilities. “Bosson” is an owner of local and international orders. “Bosson” pays attention to the principle of “quality” in product manufacturing. 


        “Bosson” sets up self business on the basis of effective and legal investment decissions. The company contributes economical developping in Azerbaijan. Our experienced workers participated International Entrepreneurs Conferences abroad repeatedly. Sharing own strategies and experiences of succes winning at universities, lecturing for enlighment of students either.

     “Bosson” also realizes application of European technologies in Azerbaijan.

     The company contributing own positive utility in the configuring highly professional human resources of the country.  

The company is paying deep importance principles of  PR, image and producing.


                     Technology of the company:


    Decorative mosaic made of natural glass made by Spanish technology are of high quality and slip-resistant to moisture, frost and variable weather conditions, unlike other coating materials, do not change color and not oxidized them for centuries. 
Mosaics consist of more than 100 colors. It is resistant to shock and friction with high rigidity. Since this glass material is 98-99.9%, it prevents 100% humidity and humidity when it hits the exterior of buildings. 
Applied premises: facades, swimming pool, water park, Olympic stadium, terrace, floor, wall, ceiling, bath, sauna, kitchen, staircase, corridor, balcony, school, airport, hospital, hospital, boulevard, garden house, underground station, underground passage, tunnel, bridge, column, public places, embankment at all sites, etc. applies. 

                   Technical specifications:

• Slip-resistant to moisture 
• Does not leak moisture 
• Insulation properties 
• Resistance to heat and cold 
• Resistance to chemicals 
• Easy to clean from oil, dust and dirt 
• Up to 500 ° C does not change color 
• Does not deform at 800 ° C 
• Does not oxidize


                        Our employees: 

    During this time our company established businesslike relations related companies of different countries. “Bosson” has significantly expanded variety of production and services. Our employees:

“BASF”, “NORM”, “Bakstone”, “Çanakkale seramik”, “WEBER”,  “FAB”, “Azbentonit”, “Gobustone”, “MƏTANƏT A”

                    Our mission and goals: 

     The main goal of our company is selling and publicity of mask mosaic stones under the original brand of “Bosson mosaics” and “Made in Azerbaijan” to local and external markets. Other wise, paying charges of  construction sector in good quality is our propose. 

   Exporting products which of hopefully liked by our customers we co-operate the world's several headmost companies. We unbend(straighten) trust of our buyers, employees and investors charging an investment requirements being a company. 

       We incarnate the most successful corporative experience, faith, durability in our action.   

       To enhance our values, confidence, trust in front of our customers, workers, partners and society with our action, quality, principality.  

       To contribute the human resources and economy on the basis of mutual interests increasing own revenue.    

       To make the world  the nearest based on customer conditions.    


                   Our values:












                   Our business view:


    We are intend to be recognizing like going ahead, developing and strategic reliable investor, having advanced managment, controlling by talent human resources who are stimulating formation of regional business partnership and professional investment.  


                    Our target:


     Presenting to external markets our producted mosaic stones under the original brand of “Bosson mosaics” and “Made in Azerbaijan” is our main target. As well naming our country at foreign markets among  the other productive countries is our aim.


      To produce better quality the requirements and demands of the buyer than they think is our target.   


      Nowadays our company constantly expands own action for the sake of important contributions to our national speedily developing economy around the one purpose and the same desire.   


     We are persistent on moving to upper our customer's luxury and going up some more peaks at the economical space of Azerbaijan as a company in near future!


      “Bosson” – for better life . . . 

Welcome to a leading company that combines quality, reliability and satisfaction.



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